To make sure our customers and their pets are given the best service, we will visit you and your pet for an initial assesment. This takes less than 30 minutes, and makes sure that the owner's and pet's needs are fully understood. This also allows us to get to know both of you. Once the assesment is complete, customers can call Wentworth Pet Services to request any of our services.

To book an initial visit please ring us or complete the enquiry form

What we offer:

Dog Walking

We offer both regular and occasional dog walks which vary from 30 mins - 60 mins. If your dog is at home for long hours due to work commitments, or you are unable to walk your dog due to ill health, then our dog walking service could be the solution.

Prices from:
- £10.50 - 30 min walk
- £13.00 - 60 min walk

Dog Visits

We will visit your home to feed, exercise and socialise. This service is beneficial if you have a puppy who is not fully vaccinated.

Prices from £12.00:

Cat Visits

Are you going away and need someone to look after your cat(s)? We can ensure that they receive the familiar routine and diet that they are used to. We will visit your home once or twice a day to feed, change water, clean litter trays and check on welfare.

Prices from:
- £10.50 a visit

Small Pet Visits

Similar to Cat Care - we will visit to feed and clean hutches, cages and vivariums. Unfortunately our insurance does not cover poisonous snakes.

Prices from:
- £10.50 per visit